The 8th Annual HighSchool Plastics Expo, sponsored by Quinebaug Valley Community College, its College Career Pathways Program and Quinebaug Manufacturing Institute, was held in late May in Danielson, Connecticut. The Plastics Expo is held each year to expose high school students to the opportunities that are available in the plastics and other manufacturing industries, and to promote future innovation.

This year, the 11-student QMC team won two awards for their “QMC Spartanwear” collection of plastic bracelets; their first was for “Best Design and Documentation;” their second, for “Best Craftsmanship and Aesthetics.” EASTCONN’s Quinebaug Middle College (QMC), worked throughout the year in partnership with local plastics companies to develop, manufacture and market products made from various types of plastics. Participants were judged for their “imagination, ingenuity and innovation” in the development of their products. Each school won a prize.

Students visited Pelham Plastics Inc. on May 13th to watch their planning and design come to fruition with their collaborating partner, Foster Corporation, a Putnam-based plastics manufacturing company.  The “QMC Spartanwear” bracelets were molded, stamped, and readied for sale at the QMC Student Store.

During a visit on June 7th to Quinebaug Middle College and Foster Corporation, the Pelham Plastics Engineering team involved in the project were presented with an appreciation plaque for their role in the manufacturing of the “QMC Spartanwear” bracelets.

 Quinebaug Middle College offers an alternative high school experience for disengaged students who might not otherwise complete school. Once their academic standing is established, students may take college courses at Quinebaug Valley Community College. Students can graduate with both their high school degree and college credits.