Eye-Core & Drilling

Eye CoreFor our customers, creating precision holes in an extrusion can be a real challenge. Often referred to as “Eye-Cored Holes”, catheter designers often include these as part of their product as a means of fluid path, delivery of contrast media, or for balloon/stent expansion. We utilize the industry’s premiere 4-axis drilling equipment designed solely for creating holes as small as Ø.010” in a variety of materials and configurations.

Our capabilities for hole creation include:
  • Precision hole drilling and punching from .010 – .375”
  • Tubing capacity of .020 – .375”
  • Skiving (removing material from the side of a shaft) up to .375” radius
  • Multi-lumen drilling/Skiving/Punching capabilities
  • Wide range of tubing materials including: Flouropolymers, Silicones, Urethanes, Nylons
  • Straight, staggered, and spiral feature patterns
  • Between and over-braid drilling
  • Magnified Video Monitoring

Eye CoreOur hole processing equipment is accurate enough to provide full process control, meaning we can qualify our capabilities with a high confidence rate. Using our highly accurate process and measuring equipment, we are capable of moving your concept from basic R&D samples to fully qualified production runs.