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Customized Product Assembly Services


Pelham performs a wide variety of customized product assembly services including RF Thermoform processing, such as tipping and welding, to pad printing and eye-coring in our clean, regulated white-room environment. Our white-room environment ensures our customers are receiving trustworthy components that will never be exposed to harmful conditions. Not only does our work environment at Pelham Plastics allow our employees to produce components in a safe environment, but it also allows for more capabilities, like full product assemblies, to be fulfilled, resulting in higher-quality products.

Pelham performs a series of inspections utilizing our state-of-the-art test equipment. Components are inspected thoroughly to ensure above-standard quality is delivered to all our customers. All finished components are packaged bulk non-sterile underneath a laminar flow hood using de-ionized air for particulate control.




The Pelham team is genuinely invested in seeing your projects through. There is no greater joy than seeing one of our customers succeed and grow with the assistance of our skilled engineering. We’re always happy to work with small businesses and low-volume orders as well as organizations that require high-volume. Whatever your project, large or small, quality always comes first at Pelham Plastics, and we back this with critical ISO certifications that you can trust.

In addition to Pad Printing, RF Thermoforming, Eye Core and Drilling, our team carries out other product assembly services. Below is a partial list of the other services we provide:

  • Bonding Techniques
  • Curve Baking/Tube Forming
  • Marker Band Swaging
  • Marker Band Encapsulation
  • Normalizing / Annealing
  • Pressure/Leak Testing
  • Tip Grinding / Shaping
  • Ultrasonic Welding

Unlike other medical manufacturing companies, Pelham Plastics does not outsource our personalized assembly services. We take pride in keeping your experience fully customizable with low waiting time. ​For questions or more info regarding our customized product assembly services, contact us at (603) 886-7226 or info@pelhamplastics.com.