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Custom Insert Molding Services

Unlike traditional medical suppliers that focus on large volume productions, we focus on prototype to small production runs and offer a comprehensive solution to catheter production including molding, assembly, and finishing. When using our services, your medical components will receive the individual attention that they deserve, leading to superior quality and increased customer satisfaction. Pelham Plastics has an extensive molding department where we manufacture a wide array of components, from over-molding catheters to producing full assemblies.

Some of the equipment capabilities that allows us to produce these components are:

  • 7 molding machines ranging from 28-200 tons
  • Hydraulic and electric machines
  • Presses able to convert to multiple positions
  • Dedicated material dryers and feeders
  • Robotic automation

Our goal is to deliver top-tier components to our customers in a timely manner. We are able to do so through advanced processes like insert molding. Our custom insert molding services are a great way to eliminate increased production times. It’s a quick and efficient manufacturing process that allows for products to be manufactured without unnecessary added equipment and labor. It also allows for manufactured components to be more durable and reliable. Components like our over-molded catheters are stronger than their original material, making their durability ideal for medical device companies, start-up medical device companies, OEM medical device companies, and others. With our custom insert molding services, products that could not have been manufactured with solely plastic can now be made to help organizations worldwide. At Pelham Plastics, we can fulfill all these services with one thing in mind: the customer. Our highly skilled staff can manufacture exactly what your company requires, giving it small-batch attention throughout the entire process. We understand the importance of quick turnarounds and premium components for your company, and we are committed to helping you succeed.

Contact us at (603) 886-7226 or info@pelhamplastics.com if you have further questions or want more info.