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Product Design Engineering Consultants

Guidance Comes from Expertise

Pelham Plastics is a total solution provider. That means we’re able to take a product from concept through production. Before production, we can work with you in conceptualizing a design down to the very last detail. With our Design Assistance Program, we assist our clients through engineering, materials selection, and manufacturing. We take pride in offering customers niche expertise that provides original insight into product designs and implementing them. Our accomplished team can work with you through simple or complex designs to fulfill your needs. We have the ability and resources to be your product design engineering consultants. Together, we brainstorm ideas, share our expertise, and experiment with product design—pooling our collective brainpower to create breakthrough solutions.

We also offer CAD support from engineering drawings to 3D modeling.

Opting for product design engineering consultants to guide you through the development process benefits businesses in many ways. Our expertise will minimize risk in designing and manufacturing as our team dedicates an abundance of personal attention to your project and carries vast experience in a wide range of projects. Having this type of experience allows customers to be fully informed throughout the development process and decreases wait time. Individual team knowledge as well as collective expertise from customers’ knowledge results in a highly efficient design process. At Pelham Plastics, you’ll receive outstanding communication throughout the engineering consulting process so that all ideas are thoroughly explained. Our consulting is here to assist you in saving precious time and provide key insights to utilize in future product design situations. Nobody knows your product more than you, and we can help bring your vision to life.

We’ll give you the best product design engineering consulting you need to be successful! If you have any other questions or want more info, please contact us at (603) 886-7226 or info@pelhamplastics.com.