Our dramatic growth stems from an unwavering focus on the most important part of our business: understanding our customers and solving their challenges.





Pelham Plastics was founded by John twenty-three years ago in Pelham, New Hampshire after his fourteen years in the medical device industry proved more than enough to start his own company. He gained this previous experience moving through the hierarchical […]

Director of Purchasing

As the Director of Purchasing, Nancy is responsible for procuring all of Pelham Plastics’ raw material and required items. She has nearly forty years of experience in the medical device industry with more than half of those years spent at […]

Business Development Manager

Steve has been at Pelham Plastics since the day it was founded twenty-three years ago, helping to grow the organization from the ground up. He currently resides as the Business Development Manager with extensive knowledge of the Molding processes and […]

Quality Assurance Manager

As the newest addition to the Pelham Plastics team, Kristin brings thirteen years of experience in the medical research, and drug and device manufacturing fields as a proponent of Quality excellence. Previously she held the Quality Systems Manager position at […]

Corporate Controller

Prior to coming on board Jennifer held controllership in a various number of industries including manufacturing, retail, service, and professional sports. Her favorite charity is the New Hampshire Humane Society, and is passionate about animal welfare. Born and raised in […]

Sales and Marketing Account Manager

Scott is Pelham Plastics’ liaison to the medical device world, constantly on the search for new businesses who believe in bettering or saving lives and need a company like Pelham Plastics to help bring their concept to reality. In his […]

Manufacturing Manager

Pelham Plastics’ Manufacturing Manager, Ariana, is responsible for managing several factions of our Assembly and Molding areas through scheduling, inventory control, employing continuous improvement efforts, and the creation of work orders. Ariana has been part of the Pelham Plastics Team […]

Our Engineering Manager, Kevin McLean, joins the PPI team with a high level of motivation and commitment to guiding customers through the development process to ensure that their projects become a reality. Previously designing orthopedic sterilization trays at Tecomet and […]